Monday, August 24, 2020

2020 The Year

 Updates and Whatnot...

Thank you dear reader for asking if I would consider selling this website. The answer is yes, of course yes I would. That was the intent when I first started. April 1st 2014, that was the day this site went live. That was six years ago. Jeez Louise!

What a ride it's been. I had plans you guys! I was going to post weekly videos, articles, cultivate a community, do all these cool functions, and promote good-will. A job I had just ended and here I was running my family's business, starting this confessions site with dreams of becoming the next Facebook. Never-mind that I had neither the connections, charisma, or raw intelligence. 

None of that happened of course. Funding never materialized, life with 2 kids, a cranky DH, a family business that was on decline, and parents with their own brand of crazy that were also my business partners, pretty much consumed all my energy. I was still somewhat hopeful. I did what I could with the resources that I had. ChitChatConfessions has chugged along for 6 years!  We've had parents pass, babies born, kids move out, separations, hearts broken, overcome fears, moved to new cities.  

A lot has happened to me in 6 years too, some of it not that great, bits and pieces I've shared on this site; but the chapter I'm in now is positive and I'm happy to be here. I think having this site has helped me tremendously and if we're going to be super honest, maybe "finding an investor and getting rich" may have just been a cover, maybe I just really wanted to hang out with you guys.

I really feel like I can tell who's who even when it's mostly all anonymous. I enjoy the interaction with the regulars. I feel blessed to even be able to say we have regulars. 

We talk about a lot of things here, but one of the more serious topics we discuss often here is the topic of domestic violence. I think it's great that we have a place where we can be honest about this topic, and receive support, tough love, and helpful advice. It's just not an easy topic. I wish I could do more to help others dealing with it.

Would I sell the site? Sure. I just renewed the hosting a couple weeks ago and Ouch! That was NOT cheap. Keeping you guys around is expensive. Other than money, I could really use other forms of support. If you can share the website anywhere, I think little things like that help. If you have content you want to work into the site, let me know.  More than anything, I wish I had people to get excited with about it. 

You can contact me at:

The problem with my Marketing that I don't want to sell you anything.

                                                                                                           -Admin at Chit Chat Confessions

Sunday, May 20, 2018

About Us

Chit Chat Confessions - A Social Network for Quiet People

    I changed the original description of the site from A Social Network for Anti-Social People to A Social Network for Quiet People, because I was getting the impression that people viewed the Anti-Social part a little too negative. Apparently, my dark humor does not work well when it comes to Marketing.

    The first  time I tried to write CCC's About Us, it sounded just about what you'd expect from a would-be writer who's had a glass too much and fancied herself the mayor of this corner of the internet. In other words, it was a horrible mess.

So take two. Welcome to Chit Chat Confessions, a place where you can kick off your shoes, get comfortable, grab some popcorn. Be yourself, but beware...only hookers and scoundrels with a heart of gold are welcome, evil doers are not welcome. The website is moderately regulated by yours truly. The toughest part about being a moderator on this forum is having to read between the lines for hateful crap. Everybody knows overtly racist comments would never be tolerated, but you'd be surprised at the lengths people go to, to embed their nasty ideas in otherwise innocuous sounding posts. Or worse, they serve it under the guise of feigned concern. Other than a handful of semi-rotten apples, we do have a great bunch here.

Cautionary tales, slice of life stories, banter, chit-chat, all threaded by Response Posts and long memories. I don't mess around with the data to fool anyone and I really try to not kill you with the ads. If you're new, Welcome. If you've been here a while, Thank You.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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