Frequently Asked Questions

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In case you were wondering what some of the acronyms were:
DH = Dear Husband
DW = Dear Wife
DD/DS = Dear Daughter, Dear Son
DSS/DSD = Dear Stepdaughter, Dear Stepson
OP = Original Poster
PP = Previous Poster
CF = Child Free
LDR = Long Distance Relationship
MIL = Mother In Law

"I forgot my Password" - Please email me at: to reset your password.
"I forgot my Username" - Please email me at: to search for it.

Why does your PayPal donation button say Comfort Wear? - It's the name of our business account. Did you know we sell Uniforms too? Contact me for more info.

How to Change your Profile Image.
Login as you normally would. Go to your Profile page, under Account.

Mail To:
8223 Woodman Ave.
Panorama City, CA 91402

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