Tuesday, April 9, 2019

It's 2019 Can you believe it?

Wow here we are. Can you believe it's been 5 years! We went from Obama to Trump, we lost Anthony Bourdain to suicide (of all fucking things...), Bill Cosby is in jail!, America's political apparatus is being stress tested by a little wannabe despot and his band of incompetent yes people (I fear the next team of wannabe despots, won't be as incompetent), R. Kelly is going down, what else...oh and Change, lots of change it seems all the time. Iconic brands and stores gone, my city and neighborhood is going through "rapid growth and development" (insert eye-roll here). The eye roll is for the fact that despite the "rapid growth and development" in these big beautiful buildings I see popping up everywhere, we have an army of homeless people building in the spaces between. Oh! And Self-Driving cars! Robots that can do back flips before it kills you...the future is here guys.

But I don't feel very "futuristic" at all. When I look at other social media (FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn), of course like most, I'm entertained by the interaction with my friends and ex-coworkers from long ago, distant acquaintances, family, & new internet friends I've made along the way. I enjoy memes and funny animal videos too. For the most part, I find my social media experience on the popular ones to be more positive than negative. However...more often than not, I get annoyed at "the internet" and all the good-meaning people that share positive memes, the over-achievers (aren't they just the worst? :), the celebrities, The Elites (Jesus, I sound like Trump), the moral outrage at too many things at the same time, and last but not least the endless Marketing of "New and Innovative" technology merged with whatever product you can think of, that will change your life! Or better yet "Disrupt the industry". Everything seems so cliche and disingenuous. The algorithms behind the scenes, the teams of engineers and marketers behind the platform, and the celebrity culture that rules it all, are all the things I don't like about social media. These are also the same reasons why I still choose to run this site. How's this for a tired cliche: If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

I want to thank all of you who have been here from the start. I want to thank those of you who've joined us somewhere along the line. I have a server bill to pay, a few bugs in the code to fix, and some new ideas I'd like to develop. I don't bombard visitors with annoying floating or expanding ads and I've recently just blocked all Dating ads on the site (thought they were in poor taste, why were they so specific? Creepy!) and we are a tiny site. The money I make from the ads couldn't support my coffee habit.

If you are basically blessed and on this journey with me. Take a moment to process this information and literally hit that DONATION BUTTON!
(Shout out to all the annoying words we're sick off in 2019).